Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Not Fair

Why is it that you take a week off and everything goes right to hell?

I don't mean a week off from work. I wish

I didn’t take a week off from my kids. I wouldn’t want that.

I had to take a week off from working out. No zumba, no kickbox, no latin dance.

Why? Lots of reasons.

Tuesday class was temporarily cancelled because the instructor is going away.

Apparently, she’s tying the knot this month.

Thursday is the next class but my Thursdays are not available because of work.

Then last Saturday, I woke up with my youngest daughter already playing. I just can’t leave the little girl alone in the house, can I? I actually forgot to remind my yaya to come early. At first I thought why wouldn’t I bring her to the aerobic class? Then again for how long would I keep the interest of a 3-year old girl? Would jiggly arms, jiggly bellies, jiggly thighs amuse her long enough?

And Sunday, I can’t take the class either. I can if the kids and I are not attending early church service. Two hours I need to wash them, feed them, prep them and make them look decent.

But I need to something to keep me moving.

I need something to keep me progressing.

I worked out since mid-February and saw pretty good results.

Slowly but surely, the weight was coming off. Snoopy Dance every time I think of it.

But more importantly, of course, I had dropped blood pressure significantly, stabilized my blood sugar and was no longer considered pre-diabetic. I also felt stronger physically.

You know how Sharon Cuneta lost a bunch of weight after The Biggest Loser and told everyone she was slimmer but she was really more like she was before and bigger? I totally get that.

So today, Monday, I surely miss going back again to the class.

I miss doing the oowie this and hurty that and seeing my self sweaty, red and panting.

And now with my weight coming back after a week long absence, it’s a pity.

Haven't I been mostly faithfully working out 3 times a week?

One week off and my knees now jiggle?

Not fair.


  1. It's ok that you take a breather from these classes. I envy you for even being able to take them.

    Is zumba any good?

  2. Hi Claire, Zumba is so much fun! I feel like a clown dancing in my own private circus. I love the fastness in dance steps and of course the beat of background song. Makes me feel I don't care about anything for a second.Thanks for dropping by!