Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Raising Yana

Did I ever mention how much I love you? How your simple smile and pouty lips held me wondering do you really came from me? That’s because you’re so beautiful. Sometimes, time stops just watching you play. You always caught me with your candidness. How did you get so damn smart? How did you learn your ABC? your Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, even when I was not with you most times? You see, you look more like your father, but your stubbornness and quiet confidence tell that you belong to me. On days that you were terribly difficult; I wanted to cry. If its anything to you, do you know that it almost cost the hell life of me when you arrived? You came a day ahead because Mama was having Pre-Eclampsia(Pregnancy induced hypertension). And now that you're 2-year wiser, you don’t listen anymore.
my bundle of joy

Some days I feel I am not raising you well. You don’t eat your rice and you thought fried chicken as one complete meal. You like Jollibee even if we are already inside KFC. You keep the toy in the value meal and hate it if your brother gets one for himself. You don’t like riding jeep and so you demand a tricycle ride when you and Yaya pick up Kuya from school, or else it’s pandemonium. But you see, there is nothing that you can do that will change my devotion- not my fondness, not my affection, not my loyalty. In other words, my love for you runs on autopilot without my control.

my very own Tinkerbell

So take your time little Yana. Don’t grow old yet.

When you grow up, I wish you life better than mine. I hope you won’t feel less than any one. I want you to never stumble or fall for a lure. There will always be people who’ll break your heart. But while you’re still young and innocent, let me create a world devoid of pain, lack and sorrow. But don’t worry, I will not make life for you. I’ll let you figure things out when you get bigger. For now, I will cherish you and rest in God’s care knowing that he cares for you million times more than I do.
my mini-Me


  1. ah so littleyana is yana the cute daughter :) reading your post is heartwarming. The love of a mother is beautiful. :D

  2. Thanks for your comment, Tabulyogang. When you become a mother yourself, you'll get this so into your kids, their pics, names, and plans are all over your fb, email and blog. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That's what i wanted to feel too.