Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just Turned One!

I t was her first birthday party. I loved her in her red jumper dress, red shoes, with those cute knots on the head. Her eyes; black and round, seemed thrilled with the blues and reds scattered all around the hall. It was kind of surprising that she was not sleepy at 600m pm. Yes, we had it early evening to avoid the summer’s scorching heat; with people she should be familiar with- grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, cousins, etc. Pity, not everyone is present. She was clingy at first but loosened up when played with by smaller children, kept her self busy by walking back and forth. However, cameras don’t suit her. She hates interruption and so, in an effort to put her still and take her pictures, I have to shout “chicken, there are chicken!” even if the only animal in the room is a bee.

She got all mixed up between the candles and this red, oversized, particularly giggly Jollibee, quite confused to where to look at. Who wouldn’t anyway? She would shriek if gone inch nearer. Hence, gone were my plans to take her pictures with him. Thanks to her brother who posed, shook hands and played with the mascot. I thought he was past the stage of taking them for monsters, and so therefore helped me with shots and pictures I want.

Because Nanay failed to make it to the party, it was extended back at home.

I’ve looked forward to this event with lots of plan in my head- audio visual presentation, song number, group dance, if only I can do it alone, with little more time and resources. Then again, why would I not be happy if all the reason to celebrate is here: my little girl is learning, changing and growing in more ways than one.

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