Monday, April 12, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

I was off from work for 3 days. Tired and exhausted; but happy that I was able to be with the little ones. Being with them is like being anywhere else and more. Because we share one bed, it looks like a sea of body with arms and legs intertwined at night. Morning starts with the youngest on my chest, pounding and kicking her way up to the bed steel frame. She would bounce and pounced and giggled every time she made it- much to the delight of her enamored but half-asleep mother.

The older one, with more needs and wants, is more assertive and demanding. Bedtime stories do not have to be necessarily at night. He loves them especially if they are about dragons and monsters. We lay on the floor while the other one crawl here and there. He also sets and owns the TV during cartoon hour and insists to have his playmates around, otherwise, he will go out and play in the street. It’s one thing to lose temper. It’s another to lose sanity reasoning out with him.

But in spite of everything, I could only hope for them not to grow fast. To hold the moment where I can hug and kiss them and make all stories happy ending.

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