Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I missed learning musical instruments when still young. I can’t tread water, or swim across 5-feet pool. Baking isn’t for me as well as gardening. My interest for cooking hasn’t been awakened until I had my youngest. I can be graceful yes, but not a very astute dancer. I always have fears for plugging electrical objects and will forever wonder what was it liked to drive a car. Have not done hang gliding, cliff diving, or even won in a lottery. Yet to finish a 3-inch paper book by Brooke Shield, Down Came The Rain, and still to take home my post graduate diploma.

But here’s what I learned in life: The most stressful thing for you to do is to be someone else. And the easiest to do? To be yourself. And there lies your greatest success, your greatest happiness. All these cants, fails, misses did not make me feel any less. In fact, they are part of my entirety as a person. Maybe, I don’t look good behind drums because I look better at the center stage. I can’t strum but I can sing. I may not capable of putting together a gourmet meal but I can provide healthy serving of food for my family. I could not possibly breed organic rice but surely, I can raise and feed dog if need be. I ride buses, jeepneys and tricyles because my first car is yet to come. My fear of falling runs in contrast to gliding and diving; and therefore, hanging in the air may not really be exciting or fun at the very least. However, my not finishing school and reading books is unforgivable. Blame the little ones. They are more fun to read as you’ll never know what they’re going to do next. In this time where wants and dreams are relative and interchangeable, I don’t wish to get all things I want rather, to want the things that I already have.

Just don’t make me plug or get near any electrical socket.

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  1. nice one,'re right, the only way to go is by being yourself and not pretending to be someone else. and not regretting who you are.