Sunday, September 9, 2012

How I Feel On This Monday Morning

Happy Monday, dear friends! How was your weekend? Are you doing anything exciting this coming week? Really where did the two days off go? Sometimes just by staring at my house chores, two days seem not enough. Oh yes, they’re short, they’re sweet and yep, they end. Oh well I will not veer into rant mode. Because every time I think how anti-climatic Mondays mornings I always remember…

    *That our days will be better and will not be as difficult as they are today
    *We can control our lives, therefore we can also control our finances
    *And even if things are unstable right now, everything will be as it should be
    *That the only disability in life is a bad attitude
    *And negativity can only feed on negativity therefore, feel good, look blessed and share!
    *And finally Christmas or not, surprises abound!
    *Thanks Margj!


  1. Waahhh, Malou, you didn't have to share that here ehehehe...

    Right now my Mondays feel kinda mild when I think of it in relation to how my week is gonna be like since I started on the nursing program. Talk about stress! And it's just the beginning! Oh well, one needs to invest much in order to reap much later on, right?

  2. Well if you notice not only my family, but my friends are all over in this blog too. Lahat ng highs/lows, ups/downs hihi ng buhay ko.

    Very true, that's law of nature. What you sow, so shall you reap..

  3. For me Monday is like Friday to you. Its the end of my long week of work because Tues & Wed is my days off. So pag Monday na, masipag na ako at always in a hurry so that the day will end. :)