Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Christmas Is Early In This Part of The World

I was sweeping the floor when I heard a Christmas song suddenly played on the radio. Well what do you know, its Christmas time once again. Who wouldn’t like the thought of happy times one more around? Really if there’s one favorite part of the year, this is it. The part where I always contemplated on buying a dreamy 45 inches flat screen but always ended up buying an electric fan.

I wonder if that will happen this time.

May be not. I’m flat broke.

Our future money is enough to pay our debt, and so we really can’t plan something big this time.

Since Monday we’re living on loose change. And I am always in search for cash left somewhere else. In fact, I hardly look at my wallet these days . I only see it when I pull out the plastic card. Gah.

Building a house cost a lot. It drains every bit of your soul. If that’s a metaphor, that’ s the metaphor I’m feeling right now.

But broke and all, we love our new built house. Even if we have to weave in and out of the piles of things that we have left everywhere. For instance the other day, I put my door keys down and I collapsed on the chair and stared at the TV. The next day, I couldn’t find them anywhere!

And by "anywhere" I mean the little side table and shelf. Ahem.

Hubs was certain that I must have left them under the stairs, and his argument soon convinced me that that's exactly what had happened. And then I moved a pile of crap on the floor yesterday--three days after "losing" them-- and there they were. Hubs may have psychic power somedays.

Ok, back to the story. Sorry for all of the tangents, but because this is the most tearful post about money and the lack of it, I'm overwrought and words just fly away. Like what a drunk person does.

So to Hubs

*throat clear*

Thank you for going with me through all these. You are my support system. Oh please I will make you lunch everyday but just don’t think of buying that flat screen. I need all your paychecks until end of the year.

To my children

You know I love you most deeply, and most strongly. So may be we can have our next trip to your favorite toy store, say, next year? Don’t worry, I’ll save enough for your chichiria.

To all my godchildren

I have a heart of gold. I care very deeply about many different things. And I care about all of you. But please come next year.

And finally to Santa,

You know I’ve been especially good this year. Oh let's go straight to my point.. can you pay off my loans?


  1. So is the house finally done? I wish I can see it, hopefully next time I go back for vacay? Here the ber months don't automatically start christmas songs playing but in my mind it's that time of the year already. :)

  2. Not fully though. There are still lots of things to do but we need to move in already you know. When you come here may be we can have an overnight of videoke singing. Hmm, why not? I'll send away the children upstairs haha

  3. as always "ber" months makes me long for home but having been here for a very long time now (it seems!) i kinndda not felt that homesickness... not yet anyway.
    congrats on your new home... i am looking forward to that videoke singing when come and visit you.
    miss you my friend!!!

  4. Oh I will wait for that day. Sagot ko ang buffet at overload ng..kwento!

  5. I miss Pinas. As early as August you can already hear Christmas songs...

  6. You're so cute and honest. Really building a house is really tedious but the most fulfilling. It's worth all the savings and sacrifices. Invite us on the housewarming. Kisses!

  7. Hi Mutya! I'm happy you notice. I am open for donation haha

  8. Hi Yannie! Yes, christmas is the best here. Also the longest. It starts on ber months and ends on Three Kings. How's that?