Monday, December 5, 2011

What Saved Me From Grinch-ing

No matter how I adore Christmas, I also detest the tension that comes with it. It’s not because of the familial trauma that they entail- though that would certainly be reason enough- but just because it is sometimes too demanding. It required to be celebrated regardless of how you are feeling at the time.

For example, you need to put up Christmas tree and cram the house with greens, and reds and anything gold right now. Or don’t put them at all and miss out on seeing them for an entire year, which I don’t think my kids would agree. But I'm slowly, but surely, getting there. I have already hanged our wreath and added Christmas lights to it this weekend. But more to it, I still haven’t made any plans yet where to take the children. For this year, Christmas will just be me and the kids since husband has work on Christmas day (grrr!). I seriously believed that Puregold Price Club has bosses that if not separated, are annulled and divorced.

At the risk of sounding sappy and Grinch-ly, I have to admit that, as emotional and ephemeral as my other posts are, I am actually just as anyone this time of the year. Who isn’t completely terrified at the realization that the holidays and the forced interaction with family members and the gifts that they need to get are all but upon us?

In other news though, my son is going to get his dream laptop this year. How’s that?

I can just hear him.

Me: “Aunt is going to give you a laptop”
Son: “Really!?
Me:”But that’s pretty early for you”
Son:”But everyone has laptop already.
Me:”you’re just going to spew peas to hordes of walking zombies all day”.
Son:”Uh okay, I can switch to angry birds if you like.”

Since this will be more likely the case, my only saving grace is that I can now blog during weekends. I just hope the kid will share it with me.

So? it’s Christmas after all.

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