Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All I Want For Christmas

Dear Santa,

I may have annoyed few people, and told few white lies, but I have also had really good moments this year, haven’t I? So if you feel like rewarding me, here’s what I want. And please, don’t get through the chimney. We don’t have one. Don’t sneak at the window either; my violent reflex could really hurt you.

Anyway, here is my Christmas list, in no particular order. I want it all. Thank you.

What could be a more perfect stocking stuffer than the latest iPhone 4S. It is full of amazing new features that make it even easier to stay not only on top of your business,but it will also make you the great envy of your techy friends. Meet Siri, the built-in intelligent assistant, to schedule your meetings, set reminders, find a great lunch spot, fix your car, or send message to wife. Can you beat that?

You know how much I love singing. Well, this Extreme Magic Sing is for me. And I’ve been dreaming for it for years. IT’S TIME, SANTA, IT’S TIME. And it's only P 10K at Abenson or ShoeMart...I should know since I caress it every time I'm in there.

And what’s best for killing time, this pink Nano Ipod is just the thing. With 2,000 songs and 5 hours of video, I can’t wait to have one of these.

Sure, I thought at first that this Hawaii Chair was another exercise gimmick. It's a chair with a motor strapped beneath it. The base of the chair gyrates your bottom and thaws your stubborn fats. Since I hate going to the gym and diet isn’t in my daily vocabulary, so this one might work for me. Who knows I might end up looking as hot as a Playboy centerfold one day?

And finally, a cd of one of my favorite local singers, Regine Velasquez. Unfortunately, I still don't have a copy of her “Low Key” album. I just love her until today. I’ve always had an attraction to her kind of songs. This is actually affordable at P 400.00 at Astrovision.

So, let's try to forget all of the times I may have thrown temper tantrums, or how I was to blame for frequent headaches and pains of people around me. Just concentrate on the good know, the ones that involved me being unconscious.



  1. Hi Malou! Wish I'd known about your list sooner so I could've played Santa's helper :)...but then again...ok lang ba sa iyo kung sagutin ko ung cd ni Regine? I'll find a way to make it happen if you say yes. Merry christmas!

  2. Ha,ha.'thought you'd give me the hawaii chair. Actually, you don't have to do that but if you insist, a big THANK YOU!

  3. Oh.. i like your wishes too..:) May your wishes come true!:) Happy holiday!:) Hi,MCat that's nice, and good heart of you, maybe you can throw one for me too!:)) Nice meeting you guys!:)

  4. Thanks Sagittarian. You're so cute like the Kid in your profile! MCat happens to be my Santa every December.

  5. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog too..:) Feel great when I got your comment :) Thank you, oh.. am i cute? lols.. or acute one?? Thanks a lot!..BTW, hope i can meet your Santa too!:)) I don't have Santa every December,hehehe...:))

    Great morning!:) San po kayo dito sa pinas? Pampanga po ako..:)