Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why I (Sometimes) Hate Facebook

Well, this one is about my current gripes about Facebook. Don’t you notice that it has now become a little bit annoying that some people use it as it is some form of therapy or something? Like they will die if they can’t update their statuses every five minutes. You see, not all people are interested with where have you been and what have you been doing. Not all the time, but I got pissed when someone post how stressed they are, how tired they are and how much work they need to get done. The fact that they found time to open their FB, plus play Farmville or whatever games is the new obsession on Facebook, plus post song after song from Youtube leads me to believe that 1. They are not really busy, and 2. They need professional help. Obviously, they only need attention. Lots of it.

I also can’t stand those who put pictures after pictures every single day. Let’s call them photo-addict. Seriously? does the world have to know that you like the interior of the bus so much you can’t resist taking your photos there? And more importantly, do all people care? As for myself, no. No I most certainly do not. These photo addicts eat much space of our wall, and therefore should not be tolerated. In a way, FB gets the best and worst of us. I have a friend who I know as one gentle speaking, squashy and conservative . But for the love of me, I saw him one time half-clothed on FB. Talking about suppression. Obviously, what they can’t do in the real world, they do it in the cyber world.

The next thing that annoys me is when people post something about their suicidal tendencies. But I thought, well, he was giggly and funny the last Sunday. But yes, he is still alive as of this writing. Say, if you are really feeling the way that you project yourself to be on Facebook, you really need to seek professional help. Facebook is not your therapist, ok? Seriously. And please getting your first tattoo is not everyone’s business.

And to go along with that, can you be more realistic and personal? I mean if it is your love ones’ birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc, Do yourself and your love ones a favor: get off of Facebook, go to him, write him a check or buy him a gift, and tell him how you love him that way, instead of sending all of your love via the Internet. Common, there’s a little chance that your 70-year old parent will read your greetings. By this time, he’ll probably just want to rock chair instead of commenting on your post.

But again, I understand when Zuckerberg tells that FB helps you connect and share with the people in your life. Yes it really is one good channel to link up with everyone in the world. Just hope that people will be sagacious with just about what they do, or say, on this popular social website.


  1. I am no FB lover but perhaps there applies some personal right for the people who want their lives be put under public consumption. The fact that others dislike seeing those "crappy" stuff means qualifying them to sign off from any social networks like Facebook.

    Again, it's always two side and you're never wrong for feeling that way either.

  2. Yes. thanks dai ning for adding that insight. You're right, we can't generalize all people with actions of the few. Actually, when I wrote this I have FB "friends" in mind. So my beef really lies with these persons. I may have probably insulted them (although they didn't know its them) I will say that this has been quite therapeutic for me.

  3. haha.... 'know what?.... i deleted my Facebook account a month ago. yeah, "deleted" not deactivated. i find myself hooked up to 80% social nothings when i log in to that.... sorry. =)

  4. And I quote "social nothings" hehe. Some people just don't have a good use of FB lately. Wala ka ng makita kundi picture nila, wala ka ng mabasa kundi rants nila. Thanks Andy for the comment!

  5. its a good thing i have my husband to control me on my obsession but... i got over it!