Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What To Wear To A Wedding?

I love weddings. You see those cute flower girls and you wish you can grow your own little wings too. However, the worst thing about it is going there. Like what to wear. If you own dresses, gowns, attires for all occasions then that would be no problem. But if you are like me who buy things like blouses and shoes that you can use at the church, office, and shopping mall; then for formal events such as wedding, you really have to drag your ass just so you can find one that’s classier and more elegant.
I knew it wasn’t going to be fun. I mean, my search for the appropriate dress and shoes and accessories.
Did I mention I belong to the round side? No? I do.
So double the effort as there only few plus size clothes as there with common sizes.


While I am not at the dress section, I was looking for nice pair of shoes, all for good five days now. Obviously, I have issues and should start seeing therapist now. I don’t know what makes me happy anymore. And those price tags? they kill me. Before it was style before the prize, now it’s the prize first before the style. All these anxieties for just one occasion. Since when did I become shallow? I think that’s what happened when you get older. You get fashionably vain.

After “talking myself down”, I decided to just let my mind wander and think of something else.

And just like that, I realized how fixated I am at times.


  1. are you gonna be a ninang, thus the need to look for an outfit? it can indeed be frustrating when the figure doesn't want to cooperate...alam ko pinagdaanan mo lola! but it can still be fun di ba, looking at all the clothes, shoes & accessories!

  2. I am not part of the entourage, actually. But you see my little yana is the flower girl and Jhun will be the substitute of one Ninong who can't come. So I think that if little yana will not walk alone, thus, my need to be in the right attire in case we will walk together, right?. Also,trip ko yata mag dress up hehe..

  3. oic...unga naman, kelangan beauty din si mommy while guiding yana. wish ko lang andyan ako to go shopping with you! kelan ba ung wedding?