Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Do You Wish You Had An Infinite Amount Of?

It is accepted, we can never have everything. Forever. All things have their own expiration. There seems to be an imaginary line that when crossed, things and people became nothing more than a memory. And you need to move on as if nothing happened.

But supposed you are given a chance to wish for things you can have infinite amount of.

What would it be?

As for me, I wish I had never-ending energy, patience, laptop battery power, time, money, chocolate, abilities, writing time, reading time, shoes, pain threshold, moments with family, Zumba, clothes, ideas, nap time, hours in the day, words, shopping time, space for writing things, etc.

But since these are just too many- and some too impossible, life in real isn’t that comfortably predictable. If anything, life is the most hit-and-miss travel we'll even find ourselves on. It's a path that will be laced with tears and fears and, yes, joys along the way. It might make us scared sometimes. But other times, when our eyes are wide open and we're in the moment, we see them for what they are - pure joy. A smile, a lovely note, a compliment, giving to others, laughter, a fun game... there are an infinite number of things to take happiness in.

Yet for someone lying sick in bed, shoes and clothes no longer matter but rather a never-ending supply of drugs and medications. Or for a person living with cancer, a prevent hope for remission. Or going through tragic experience where your plane crashed into the open sea and you have no more than few seconds to live. Your heart tightens, and your chest to explode anytime. Beyond doubt, a chance to live one more day is all you what.

Really, life is wonderful, with equal parts of good and bad moments in every day. Make time your friend and remember to make the most of life while time is still on your side.

{Photo via My Summer Twist}


  1. amazing photos =)

    anyway, please join my post-birthday giveaway dear! I hope you'll be one of the 3 lucky winners: \(^o^)/

  2. Infinite amount of patience for everyone and everything :)

  3. Imaginary line when crossed and everything becomes a mere memory...

    That is such a deep deep thought and quite true too. I'm not sure what one thing i would wish for because like u said nothing stays forever. May be infinite amounts of love to receive and give..

    But as MCat says Infinite amounts of patience for everyone and everything would be so good as many problems of the world could be solved by just that.