Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Behind the Blog

I picked up the idea of writing blogs from the newspaper, and I thought maybe it's a good way to get even with your enemies, catch attention, earn extra money express yourself. Imagine you could actually talk about any of your issues? So you can go from your most serious story to your almost rubbish blog entry. Who cares anyway?.

So that's how I began- being a horrible blogger. I wasn't prepared to do everything to be successful. When I started, I thought it would be easy, but when I realized how big of a job it was, I sometimes feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Didn't I tell you I got lots of unfinished stories? Yeah, that's right. Two things I learned: it's time consuming, and mentally-exhausting. You can't afford to post trash stories all the time, right?

Since blogging is hard, I won't say it's not because that would not be true, ready to spend eternity developing it. With blogging comes a lot of time and good writing- and sadly writing is the the worst part. Promotion and web design aren't on my top list since I'm not really savy with computer programs so there isn't much animation, video's you can see in my blog site. So, half the words you write must be rethought, rearranged, replaced, or when worse comes to worst, removed. Words are present in blog posts, comments, tweets, and newsletters, and somehow, you have to generate those words, because your readers will be upset if you don't, your reputation will be ruined, your traffic will plummet, and everything good will turn bad.

Then again, in blogging one must remember: you write not to take over the world, to create a masterpiece or make life harder. Rather, one should strive to write well and most of all, to have fun. Although sometimes you feel like you're the only one reading it, poor traffic for your blog isn't the end of everything. It takes awhile before you can be the diva of the blogosphere. So when you feel like quitting? remember that blogging is for braniac but possibly melancholic individuals who talk to themselves those who believes that words can change, and therefore, should be shared, expressed and understood.


  1. Enjoying your blog. Nice to finally read a personal blog of a fellow Pinay.

  2. Its hard work alright! but i'll try to keep up...