Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If I Have No Fear

If I have no fear, I would take my family and go on vacation and squander all the little savings we have.

If I have no fear, I’ll leave my job and work full time as mom and wife.

If I have no fear, I’ll say to people how I really feel the moment I feel it, just so one can truly know me.

If I have no fear, I’ll try air gun, with bruises, scratches, screaming and all.

If I have no fear, why am I in the same job for the last 10 years?

For others, it is so easy to put an act and make things look great and happy and cheery. But if you dig a little deeper, scratching below the surface ever so slightly, things — and people — may not always come up roses. We owe ourselves logical explanation as to why we are ever so afraid to try radical, off-the-wall ideas. All too often, we are quick to say,

“Oh I’m fine.”
“I can’t complain.”
“I’m good. And you?”

But in real, you are aching for changes but just too afraid to step out of comfort zone. Sometimes, we are extremely consumed by worries, all fueled by unknown fear. We keep making up excuses and stories just so we can defend our actions. No one is to blame though. It is not anyone’s fault. We are made to believe by a pesky rumor that we should not fix what is not broken. But beneath a fresh coat of paint, there lie ugly truths of low self-esteem, lack of perseverance and yes, poor guts to create difference in life. This has somehow transforms us like little hermits on our own island.

Sadly, there has to be some point where we realize that’s not healthy anymore. Ultimately, we should try to be the person what we really want to be. No matter what people, or our own ego will say. There will always be standards and obligations to follow and fulfill, but at the end of the day, we owe ourselves genuine happiness and a life worth living.

As for what I do with the fears I have, I guess I need to start somewhere. Why not with the easiest one? Air gun, please…

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