Thursday, October 7, 2010

Half Full and Rising

Oh I’m so into this website, these days. Not only was I able to read wonderful blogs but also get connected with wonderful people who have the same interests, thoughts and probably passions in life. There is variety, more like a buffet table of everything you want, need to learn, great to know in blogging.

Thanks to a new friend, Andy Ko, for the suggestion. Please visit his blog, “Jec and the Beans Talk” and “e-Revenue”. You will not only get a grasp of his personal views but hear him singing too. Did I forget to tell he is Marco Sison- Hajji Alejandro- Anthony Castello rolled into one? I say, he sings ballad songs really well.

I also particularly like the blogs of Ning Li, owner of “The Other Side of Me”. Well worded, with lots of interesting pictures in it. One can readily relate with her positive views. Ready yourself to see God’s plan in hailing distance.

Nur’s latest post “ Vitamin from Bo” from his blog Perfect Day has quotes, verses, speech marks that can be very useful in daily living. Although they are not originally his; but he cared to collect them for the readers. I happened upon just a few of his blogs and I thought he writes very well. Very Pinoy. With those family vacation picture and other topics from Edsa, Angel Locsin, to Mall of Asia and Pres. Noynoy etc. etc. This man can talk about anything.

I guess that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I can only guess who I will bump into in the next days. Imagine the drive, motivation, wisdom you get from these people. And I hope to meet more of their kind.

“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.” ~Martin H. Fischer

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  1. Wow! thanks! but the kind of blogs you have deserve to be in public. you got a very inspiring talks and issues... keep blogging =) regards to you and your family. From us here with Susie... God bless!