Friday, August 27, 2010

Highs and Lows

This week was a mixed bag of good and bad. Assortment of things you hate and want to forget, and stuff worthy of keeping and remembering. Monday started without a hunch that it’s going to be the day that Philippines will be on the limelight. For a bad reason, that is. There was a hostage drama that ended in 9 deaths. Victims were mostly Hongkong nationals. The perpetrator? a deranged policeman. I felt sick and horror-struck when I was watching the on-goings on the TV. When the suspect was finally gunned down, and the police were pulling the bodies, I felt empty and just want to cry.

Then Wednesday came. Again, I had no inkling that it was no ordinary day for the country. It was the day people all over the world appreciate our culture and ranked us 4th as most beautiful of the entire universe. It made me feel proud once again. A pay off of what happened 2 days ago? Certainly not. Because lives are priceless but for such a tragic episode, the success of Venus Raj; no matter how shallow it can be, is redeeming to us Filipinos. That we can stand out against any countries. That we are beautiful people and should not be feared about. That like any other nation, we have our own share of good and bad.

Only, they both happened in the same week. Things happen for a reason and we can only guess.


  1. I heard about that tragedy but didn't get to see any actual news footage, Malou. So what caused that policeman to do what he did? It was definitely a great tragedy and loss for all involved.

  2. The police was relieved from service in 2008 and was awaiting for sandiganbayan final verdict. News said he got involved in robbery and extortion. It was more painful because he is due to retire next year. Wala siyang benepisyo.The hostage taking lasted for 11 hours. Kala ko pag uwi ko aftermath na lang makikita ko. pero nung manood ako sa TV dun pa lang ang climax.