Monday, July 12, 2010

Forty Winks

Don’t we all have a time in our lives that we wished we got more time? In bed? Alone, no kids, no work and no lives to bother in case we do not want to end yet the pleasure of slouching and slumping, and be dead to the world? I let you in on a secret. I am more acquiescent in the morning than in the evening. I will agree with anything in exchange for an hour of snooze especially if the little ones were difficult and exhausting the night before. Somewhere in between dreams and wakefulness, I am pretty sure I see little cherubs playing harp, to the tune that nailed my back to the bed. Suddenly, I no longer think of love, peace, equality and justice. Because all I care is fall into deep slumber. The kind you want especially on a Monday morning.

Let’s face it; sometimes all you really want to do is sleep. Sleeping is highly underrated. Here’s a fact: Everyday, we have 60,000 thoughts. That’s great. The sad part is they were the same thoughts we had yesterday that continuously consume us until we can no longer function as normal human being. Sleeping then provide fresh start to rejuvenate, refresh and restore whatever it is that needs revitalizing, fixing and reviving mentally. So go ahead sleepyheads, hope to see you in my dreams.

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  1. As Shakespeare put it "...sleep that knits the ravelled sleeve of care..." Which means that since a majority of the world's population lack in sleep, a lot of us are wearing rather tattered shirt sleeves. ;-)