Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ho will you say sorry??

Its one thing to say I love you. It’s another to make the person feel you really do. Is it really possible to love out of presence? I know of a young mother who almost lost her life due to diabetes. Her eldest son misses her so much, he cried hard just to be brought to her. But while she longs for her children, she also yearns for her own mother. She grew up, got married, bore children and get in and out of the hospital without her. Her mother got old, remarried and carry on with life without her children too. She would not tell the reason why her mother can’t come home. But may be her death will. But how will you say sorry to the person you loved but never see grow weak and strong, strong and weak each day? Would you say I love you but can’t see you? Death can be really ugly, taking away good memories and leaving pains, sadness and fears. Loving out of time and space happens but hardly proves anything at all. For love is all about caring, struggling and growing with the ones you love.

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