Friday, December 3, 2010

Here Comes December

I always love the feeling this month brings. It’s like a magic to me of some sort, fascinating and all. It’s as if there’s a supernatural power that turns things and people around. Ever notice that people get less complaining, worrying or critical? Have you ever been just sitting there and all of a sudden you feel like doing something nice for someone you care for? Have you ever been thinking about somebody that you haven't seen in a long time and then next thing you know you see them or receive a phone call from them? Could this be an act of chance? I know that these things can happen anytime. But why of all months, December seems to be when nearly all act of kindness, favors, charity, forgiveness come about? It is a trend, you say, fleeting and short-lived. But true or not, the spirit is alive in them. How sad it can be for one person to get through Christmas and misses no one, wishes nothing and never changes anything.

But surely, these are not always easy words to accept. We know, of course, there are others who are in crisis, in a time of dread, in days of isolation and pain, and hoping and wishing and dreaming hardly take them out of their present situations. But no matter how does one feel, no matter where they could possibly are, there is always a reason to be happy about this time of year. I look at my family and hope that it is Christmas all year through. My husband Jun, though no longer romantic as he was before, is the same thoughtful and loyal person I know. And my children, Lian and Yana, they are what Christmas is all about: puritan happiness and joy. I look at my mother and I take pleasure that she is still with us, tempers and all. My other siblings who love me dearly and accept whatever this life has made me. My in-laws, who show nothing but kindness and concern and my friends, who help bring out the best and worst in me. This said, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Or may be not.

How about a car for next year? An I-pad? Kidding.

Hope you find your own reason to celebrate the holidays.